HTML Colors Code

Colors are vital to give a decent look and feel to your site. You can determine colors on page level utilizing tag or you can set colors for individual tags utilizing bgcolor characteristic.

The tag has the following ascribes which can be utilized to set various colors −

bgcolor − sets a color for the foundation of the page.

text − sets a color for the body text.

a link − sets a color for dynamic connections or chosen joins.

interface − sets a color for connected text.

link − sets a color for visited joins − that is, for a connected text that you have proactively tapped on.

HTML Color Coding Strategies


There are the following three distinct strategies to set colors on your website page.

Color names − You can determine color names straightforwardly like green, blue or red.

Hex codes − A six-digit code addressing how much red, green, and blue that make up the color.

Color decimal or percentage values This worth is determined utilizing the RGB( ) property.

Presently we will see these coloring plans individually.

HTML Colors – Color Names


You can determine to direct a color name to set text or foundation color. Standard has recorded 16 fundamental color names that will approve with an HTML validator however there are 256 different color names upheld by significant programs.

Note Check a total rundown of HTML Color Name. Standard 16 Colors Here is the rundown of Standard 16 Colors names and utilizing them is suggested.

HTML Colors – Hex Codes Hexadecimal is a 6-digit portrayal of a color. The initial two digits(RR) address a red worth, the following two are a green value(GG), and the last is a blue value(BB).

A hexadecimal worth can be taken from any illustration programming like Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Expert, or MS Paint.

Each hexadecimal code will be gone before by a pound or hash sign #. Following is a rundown of a few colors utilizing hexadecimal documentation.