HTML Old and New Features

There are specific features of HTML language and some with new advancements in coding components. New features come with user ease and support.

The code consists of different tags like a starting tag like <tagname> related content to show on the user side and then an ending tag like </tagname>. For example:

<H1> This is my first Website </H1>

<P> I want to show you my experience in web development </P>

<H1> is starting tag and “This is my first website” is the content of this tag then </H1> is the ending tag.

<P> is starting tag and ” I want to show you my experience in web development” is the content of this tag in paragraph form and </P> is the ending tag.

Try it yourself to practice the basic coding tags of HTML.


Advanced features of HTML

Let’s practice the advanced features of HTML code here:

<!DOCTYPE html> is the html5 latest version document declaration as the HTML language.

Some advanced HTML features are:

Responsive web design and media improvements for every type of device. And Element positioning and CSS selectors style.

CSS WebKit transformations, animations, and transitions of objects.

And HTML accessibility and different new attributes.
Other JQuery and JavaScript functions and events with the latest functionality.