HTML Image Tag

Pictures are vital to show design as well as to display numerous useful ideas for straightforwardly attracting the audience on your website page.

This instructional exercise will find you straightforward ways to involve pictures in your website pages.

Embed Picture You can embed any picture on your website page by utilizing a tag. Following is the straightforward linguistic structure to utilize this tag.

HTML Img Tag with Attributes


You can utilize PNG, JPEG, or GIF picture documents in light of your solace however ensure you determine the right picture record name in the src characteristic. The picture name is consistently case delicate.

The alt characteristic is a compulsory property that determines a substitute text for a picture if the picture can’t be shown.

Set Picture Area and width

Generally, we keep every one of the pictures in a different registry. So we should keep HTML document test.htm in our home registry and make subdirectory pictures inside the home catalog where we will keep our picture test.png.

You can set picture width and level in light of your prerequisite utilizing width and level ascribes. You can determine the width and level of the picture as far as either pixels or the level of its genuine size.

As a matter of course, pictures will have a boundary around them, you can determine line thickness as far as pixels utilizing line characteristics. A thickness of 0 methods, no boundary around the image.