HTML Code Editor Online Practice

This is ever best online HTML editor for practicing basic coding skills and training in high-level computer language which is the backbone of web development.

No web-based project can be completed without using HTML language this is the essential kit for any web application project.

So the importance of the language is very high while the structure of coding syntax is very much easy.

Basic HTML Code Tags

Seven basic HTML tags are most commonly used in HTML language projects. these basic and three main essential tags must use on every web page there are.

  • <HTML> and </HTML>
  • <HEAD> and </HEAD>
  • <BODY> and </BODY>

Every page is divided into two parts head and body. And above section is called the head while the whole page is called the body section.

<HTML> is very first tag and </HTML> tag is very last tag between these whole code is done.

Mostly scripts and styles features are coded into the <head> tag.

Other than scripts and styles complete workout is done inside the Body tag. Sometimes script and style tags are also used in the body section but this does not do a good job.

HTML Validator Code

Validation and correction of HTML code are very easy to code and must be concise it is always easy to understand and manipulate.

Give your coding in the editor and press run to display your result if it is accurate so the result will be according to the code otherwise error of code will be showing there.

HTML Code validator only interprets the HTML program, not any other language code.

HTML Hex Color Picker

HTML mostly uses a Hexadecimal color scheme which is tough to remember every color hex code of 256 colors so the color picker will generate its hexadecimal code behind the color.

000 black to FFF while there are 256 total colors divided into RGB Red Green Blue coloring scheme for the ease of pointing any specific color.


Practice HTML Code

Let’s practice the HTML basic coding tags which are essential for developing every new web page.

Edit below basic tags of HTML language code these are necessary and the basic tags used in web development.