HTML List Code

HTML offers web creators three different ways to determine arrangements of data. All rundowns should contain at least one rundown component and records might contain a list.

ul − An unordered rundown. This will list things utilizing plain projectiles.

ol − An arranged rundown. This will utilize various plans of numbers to list your things.

dl − A definition list. This orchestrates your things similarly as they are organized in a word reference.


Unordered List HTML

HTML Unordered Records An unordered rundown is an assortment of related things with no extraordinary request or succession. This rundown is made by utilizing the HTML ul tag. Every item in the rundown is set apart with a projectile learn more at HTML Features.

Ordered List HTML

On the off chance that you are expected to place your things in a numbered list rather than bulleted, then, at that point, the HTML requested rundown will be utilized. This rundown is made by utilizing ol tag. The numbering begins at one and is augmented by one for each progressively arranged list component labeled with li.

You can utilize type characteristics for old tags to determine the sort of numbering you like. As a matter of course, it is a number. Following are the potential choices

HTML and XHTML uphold a rundown style which is called definition records where sections are recorded like in a word reference or reference book. The definition list is the best method for introducing a glossary, rundown of terms, or other name/esteem lists.